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A Good Diet Can Reduce the Risk! But not alone.

Diet referred to in this section, means the consumption of food. 
Not a traditional Diet is known as foods to reduce your calories intake, 
but that of foods to possibly try to eliminate.
Some people have been cured of their cancer by diet alone. 
It seems that the body of these people was only slightly deficient, 
in dealing with cancer. 
Had this not been the case, diet alone would not have worked.

Diet is the least effective when used by itself,

for Alternative Cancer Treatment

Unless you are incorporating only natural healing nutrition into your body.
Taking real alternative treatments such as the ones in the Comparison table 
combined with diet, hypnosis and emotional work can be much more effective. 

Cancer Diet Research with Carbohydrates:

In August 2004 the results of a study connecting carbohydrate consumption and cancer were released. Researchers interviewed 1,866 women aged 20 to 75 in Mexico City about their diets and found that breast cancer risk rose with carbohydrate consumption. Those who ate the most carbohydrates had more than twice the risk of breast cancer than those who ate the least amount of carbohydrates. The increased risk of breast cancer was seen both in pre-menopausal and postmenopausal women. We have found that plant-based, organic, nongmo diet can be beneficial in the long run for helping balance the body and regulate the sugar intake. We all need some carbohydrates in our diet, that is what turns to sugar and gives up energy. It’s just the levels we need to be aware of. Each person’s body is different. Below are some of the things I do, to reduce the effects of all the poisons in our package food source. If I look at the ingrediency and see that it states anything I can’t pronounce, then chances are it isn’t good for you and your body can’t process imitation or chemical substances. Our bodies are designed to have natural products ingested. Remember our skin is our largest organ and the water we bath with and the exposure to the chemicals in the air can be as bad as the food products out there.

The Diet considerations on these pages are as follows:

Cancer Diets also good for cancer prevention

Alkalizing Diet to raise your pH.

Budwig Diet (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese).

Organic Garden & Composting

Sugar & Sweeteners a comparison table.

Regenerative teas and food brilliant herbs and enzymes.

Avoid Soy, avoiding soy is difficult because it is in almost all processed food (so is sugar.)

Cancer Diets 

These are diets that are low in sugar, possibly Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Foods, Diets for diabetics or those with very little GMO’s (Genetically Modified) NONGOMO, natural, organic as possible to avoid the chemicals, pesticides placed in packaged foods. Alkalizing Diet to raise the pH, or Budwig Diet with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. You can look in the Shop under eBooks and I have a variety of books I’ve compiled with various diets for your liking.

For information on Alkalizing Diet & Budwig Diet, please refer to the next section:

Alkalizing Diet

The theory behind this diet is that a more alkaline body makes it difficult for tumors to grow. Most people are acidic due to our modern diet, but if you have the really good discipline you can make your body alkaline. You can download this MS Word file of an acid/alkaline food list developed from the alkaline/acid food lists on The Wolfe Clinic and Essense-of-life websites. It is not the acid or alkaline quality of the food, but our bodies reaction to that food that has an acidifying or alkalizing effect on our bodies. For example, lemon is very acidic, but it has an alkalizing effect on our body when we eat it. Cancer cells make your body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid.

Another Alkalizing Supplement

The supplement that people use to obtain a higher pH is Cesium Chloride. There is more information available in our Muscle testing page for Cesium Chloride.

Organic Gardening and Composting

Organic Gardening with Tower Garden Aeroponic waterfall effect.  (click here)

Garden Tower Project  ( Click Here)  Grow your own produce in a small space with soil & composting.

King Dome Greenhouses   (click here)  Please mention my name Cheri DeShaw who referred you.

Sugars and Sweeteners

Most natural sweeteners are better for you than sugar. For example, stevia goes very well with sour drinks like cranberry and lemon. We have found the best way to sweeten things is to combine sweeteners. Honey, agave and stevia and real sugar are natural sweeteners. I found if you can’t pronounce the ingrediency on labels, then it must have unnatural chemicals in it, so avoid it, because those usually aren’t able to be digested by the body and in some cases, just turn to fat, because your body doesn’t know what to do with it.

The following table lists sweeteners from best to worst.

Stevia plant the healthiest sweetener is stevia. Stevia only works well with certain foods and drinks. The best-tasting stevia we have found is Stevia Liquid Extract from NOW Foods, others are available at the health food store or online.

Xylitol Plants such as Birch trees, corn cobsXylitol is not only a sugar-free sweetener, it is also anti-candida, has a good price on bulk xylitol. Works best when mixed with other sweeteners such as stevia, agave, and real sugar.

Honey Bees Honey has a glycemic index of 55 compared with that of table sugar at 61 making it a better choice than sugar.

Sucralose Sugar Sucralose is sold as Splenda and other brand names usually in yellow packets. The evidence against it is weak such as claims that it has a very high glycemic index. Since it has almost no calories, having a high glycemic index is not significant. I don’t recommend this as a substitute since recent finding are very negative about the no calories besides the other ingredients you find included under the label.

Agave plant Is fructose, a real sugar but Agave has a lower glycemic index than other fructose. It is also anti-candida. Can be found in supermarkets. As its popularity has risen various forms and process methods have developed until it is difficult to tell if you are getting a good product.

Glycerin Plant Not the best tasting sweetener but can be used with other sweeteners to add body to the sweetness. Is very anti-candida. Can be found in most health food stores.

Saccharin Chemical This is one of the oldest artificial sweeteners on the market and is seen in pink packets everywhere. Probable carcinogen.

WATCH YOUR LABELS and Google the most recent studies you will be surprised.

Aspartame Chemicals Sold as Equal and other brand names, usually in a blue packet. Aspartame is the highest side effect compound reported to the FDA. The fact the FDA has not banned it is the best example of why the FDA should itself be disbanded.

Avoid All Fake Sugars!!!

Did you know there are now at least 80 different names for sugar on labels? 

80 Food Label Words that Hide Added Sugar


1. Agave juice
2. Agave nectar
3. Agave sap
4. Agave syrup
5. Beet sugar
6. Brown rice syrup
7. Brown sugar
8. Cane juice
9. Cane sugar
10. Cane syrup
11. Clintose
12. Corn glucose syrup
13. Corn sweet
14. Corn sweetener
15. Corn syrup
16. Date sugar
17. Dextrose
18. Drimol
19. Dri mol
20. Dri-mol
21. Drisweet
22. Dri sweet
23. Dri-sweet
24. Dried raisin sweetener
25. Edible lactose
26. Flo malt
27. Flo-malt
28. Flomalt
29. Fructose
30. Fructose sweetener
31. Glaze and icing sugar
32. Glaze icing sugar
33. Golden syrup
34. Gomme
35. Granular sweetener
36. Granulated sugar
37. Hi-fructose corn syrup
38. High fructose corn syrup
39. Honey
40. Honibake
41. Honi bake
42. Honi-bake
43. Honi flake
44. Honi-flake
45. Invert sugar
46. Inverted sugar
47. Isoglucose
48. Isomaltulose
49. Kona ame
50. Kona-ame
51. Lactose
52. Liquid sweetener
53. Malt
54. Malt sweetener
55. Malt syrup
56. Maltose
57. Maple
58. Maple sugar
59. Maple syrup
60. Mizu ame
61. Mizu-ame
62. Mizuame
63. Molasses
64. Nulomoline
65. Powdered sugar
66. Rice syrup
67. Sorghum
68. Sorghum syrup
69. Starch sweetener
70. Sucanat
71. Sucrose
72. Sucrovert
73. Sugar beet
74. Sugar invert
75. Sweet n Neat
76. Treacle
77. Trehalose
78. Tru sweet
79. Turbinado sugar
80. Versatose


The rate of cancer dramatically increased shortly after sugar cane was discovered and became popular. Sugar is the ultimate carbohydrate. It is turned into blood sugar faster than any other food and puts a tremendous strain on the pancreas whose main job is to control blood sugar level. The fruit has a lot of sugar. Many of these are listed on labels as sugars from fruit, there is a difference from Sugar and Sugars.


Total Carbohydrates more important than sugars alone.
The Glycemic Index (GI) is simply a measure of how quickly a carbohydrate food raises blood glucose level. Carbohydrates (both sugars and starches) are arguably the most important source of energy for our bodies.  Low GI carbohydrates – those that are slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized – cause a much lower and slower rise in blood glucose and insulin levels, helping us to burn more fat and avoid weight gain over the longer term.
It is a common misconception that all sugars have a high GI and all starches have a low GI.  In fact, many sugar-containing foods also have a low GI.  Examples include most fresh, dried and canned fruits (except melons), milk and yogurts.  Many starchy foods have a high GI including most flours and bread, potatoes (except Carisma), rice (except Doongara), rice crackers and other savory snacks (e.g., pretzels) and many crunchy breakfast portions of cereal (puffed rice, flaked corn, and wheat).
Whilst excessive energy intake (kilojoules) from foods and drinks containing large amounts of added sugar should be avoided, you should consider more than sugars alone when making food and drink choices.  It is important to consider the total amount of carbohydrate and its GI rating and the overall nutritional quality of food including the number of kilojoules, fat, saturated fat, salt, and fiber for long term health and wellbeing.

If you’re like most people your intake of water is very minimal, try drinking at least two cups of water a day, that helps flush your kidneys.

Sugars and GI

The glycemic index (GI) of sugars ranges fivefold from a low of 19 for fructose to a high of 105 for maltose (see table 1 for details).
Table 1: GI of sugars
Maltose GI= 105

Glucose/dextrose GI=100

Rice syrup GI=98

Sucrose GI=65

Lactose GI=46

Fructose GI=19

As can be seen, sucrose has a medium GI, so the addition of large amounts will raise (not lower) the GI of most foods and drinks.
Added sweeteners in Australian foods
In Australia, maltodextrins (currently not listed as sugars in the Nutrition Information Panel) are the most common form of sweetener added to foods, followed by sorbitol (a polyol), lactose (milk sugar), invert sugar and sucrose (both forms of cane sugar).
Fructose is very rarely added to foods in Australia due to its high cost, overly sweet taste (1.7 times sweeter than cane sugar) and the fact that large amounts consumed by itself will cause malabsorption (bloating, gas, pain, nausea, diarrhea, etc.…).
As the GI value indicates, 19% of pure fructose consumed in a 50 g dose is directly converted into glucose in the liver and released into the bloodstream over a 2 hour period. The remainder is converted to glucose and stored as glycogen (a form of starch) for later use, or released into the bloodstream as pyruvate, lactate or triglycerides. Unlike rodents, very little fructose is converted to fat in humans.

Added sugars and the GI Symbol Program
The GI Symbol Program includes category-specific nutrient criteria that incorporate energy (kilojoules), total carbohydrate, total and saturated fat, sodium, and in certain categories dietary fiber and calcium. The energy and carbohydrate caps and dietary fiber requirements limit the number of sugars that can be added to foods.

Cancer Cells and Glucose

Cancer cells use glucose (blood sugar) to live and grow. They require eight times more glucose than a normal cell. Therefore, it is important to avoid high levels of glucose in your blood. The best way to do that is to avoid refined sugar. The greener leafy vegetables you can eat the better.
All food turns into glucose in your blood. The import consideration is glucose level. If you drink fruit juice on an empty stomach, glucose jumps to a high level and cancer cells get a boost. If you spread out the fruit over time and have other foods such as vegetables or meat between servings (or half servings) of fruit, glucose will remain a steadier level. If you eat the whole fruit instead of the juice, glucose levels rise a bit more slowly.

Cancer cells give off lactic acid and thrive in an acidic environment. Lactic acid is also produced by your muscles when you exercise vigorously. It is what makes you feel tired and ache. That is why most cancer patients feel so tired.

Glycemic Index
The glycemic index of food tells how fast your blood sugar will increase. Foods that increase blood sugar quickly are suspected of encouraging the growth of cancer. Below is the Glycemic Index. Go to the website and lookup to print.

Help Your Pancreas

The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer* is the longest surviving theory of cancer. It states that cancer is the failure of the pancreas to stop fast growing trophoblast cells used in chronic healing. If you were to send these healing cells to a lab, they would tell you that they were cancer. The pancreas is the only thing in our bodies that can kill them, not the immune system. The following support the pancreas.

Food that Help Your Pancreas

Foods that contain nitrilosides which contains B17 also called Laetrile have been removed from our diet.

B17 helps your pancreas eliminate the fast-growing healing cells after they have served their purpose.

For more information on this process, see Trophoblast Theory of Cancer. The following foods contain B17:

  • Millet the grain that wheat replaced.
  • Sorghum cane the sweetener that sugar cane replaced.
  • Mong beans used to make noodles (bean thread) you can purchase them in Asian food stores.
  • Maze
  • Linseed (Flaxseed)
  • Cassava

Nature’s Sunshine Golden Seal 500 mg*

Cayenne – Extra Hot 315 mg – 100 capsules*

Alpha Lipoic Acid*, Nature’s Sunshine (this may conflicts with Cantron. Protocel, and Paw Paw.)

Pancreatic Enzymes

Pancreatic enzymes are the most common supplement taken by cancer patients. Their use is supported by the most reasonable cancer theory, the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer.


Only cancer cells have an enzyme called beagle. When beta-glucosidase meets nitrilosides, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide are released from the beta-glucosidase. Hydrogen cyanide has some toxic effect, but benzaldehyde is extremely toxic to cancer cells. Normal cells contain the enzyme rhodanese, which converts the nitrilosides into food.
There few nitrilosides in the modern diet. Millet, which is very high in nitrilosides, used to be the staple grain. We went from millet to wheat, which contains no nitrilosides. Our cattle used to graze and ear large quantities of grasses, which are high in nitrilosides. Now we grain-feed our cattle. There are no nitrilosides in the grain. So, the second line of defense against cancer has disappeared. Fortunately, millet is still available grain and as flour. Find recipes to include millet.

Organs and Minerals
Persons with cancers in these organs should be taking these minerals:

  • Adrenals – Sodium
  • Bone – Calcium
  • Bladder – Silicon
  • Brain – Phosphorus
  • Breasts – Manganese
  • Colon – Magnesium
  • Esophagus – Silicon
  • Kidney – Iron
  • Leukemia – Calcium
  • Liver – Iron
  • Lungs – Manganese
  • Lymph Nodes- Magnesium
  • Ovaries– Calcium
  • Pancreas – Silicon
  • Prostate – Zinc
  • Sarcoma – Calcium
  • Skin – Silicon
  • Small Intestines – Magnesium
  • Spleen – Iron
  • Stomach – Sodium
  • Testes – Calcium
  • Thymus – Magnesium
  • Uterus – Silicon


  • Grains

For most of history, a man ate few grains and these grains tended to be whole grains. Whole grains have fewer carbohydrates than milled grains. Today’s wheat, even whole wheat, has many more carbohydrates that the grains of old which makes it taste sweeter. Brown rice and quinoa are much better grains. The way to reduce grains without cutting them out all together is to use them on a salad as a garnish. A couple of tablespoons on a salad increases the apparent substance of the salad.

Avoid Corn and Reduce the Carbohydrate Load on Your Pancreas
High-fructose corn syrup blocks the function in our body that turns off our appetite after we eat enough food. Food manufacturers love to put this in their food because it makes people eat much more. Some people notice that corn chips make them gain weight inordinately. To learn if avoiding corn would be an easy weight loss program for you, perform this simple experiment: For one week, do not eat anything that contains corn in any form including corn syrup which is even in many drinks. After that one week, notice if you are more satisfied with less food. The annual per capita consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, the worst of the corn products, has skyrocketed from less than one pound in 1970 to 60.9 pounds in 2003 (USDA statistics). 2018 Report is even higher now. Wow, we have been fooled into thinking that the sugar taste with no calories is the way to go.

Avoid Soy unless its Non-GMO

The phytic acid in soy prevents the body from absorbing minerals. This results in degraded nutrition. A cancer patient must the best nutrition in order to support the body’s anti-cancer functions.
Soy is rich in flavonoids, which contain components that resemble estrogen. If you have a hormone-dependent tumor, such as a breast or prostate malignancy, flavonoid-rich foods exacerbate these conditions. Green and black tea are also high in flavonoids.

There is an 18% higher incidence of autoimmune thyroid disease in infants who are fed soy formula. Soy also damages your immune system as reported in the 1975 Canadian Journal of Biochemistry, “Soybean inhibits the production of trypsin. Trypsin is an enzyme produced by the pancreas to:

Digesting protein
Kill cancer cells
Produce antibodies

So, a trypsin inhibitor will irritate your pancreas, stressing it to produce hormones when it can’t, leading to decreased oxygenation from the irritation. Soy prevents the protein you eat from being fully utilized and digested. Your immune system can’t get fueled with proper antibodies and lymphocytes — a double whammy. Therefore, soy is cancer-causing.

Top 20 Food Additives to Avoid These food additives can produce the type of toxins that become a healing site that put a strain on the pancreas.

Insulin and Cancer

Some cancer cells have 10 or 20 times as many insulin receptors on their surfaces as do normal cells. They may use insulin to enhance their growth and increase their absorption of glucose. Eating sugar stimulates the body to make more insulin.
MSG and Insulin
Recent studies have shown that glutamate (MSG and other excitotoxins) can powerfully stimulate the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Just because a food label states “No Added MSG” the food can still have MSG, but it is called: hydrolyzed protein, natural flavor, glutamic acid, and a host of other names.

The term “natural flavors can be misleading as well and can contain anywhere from 12% to 33% MSG or none. The only way to know for sure if a product contains MSG is to write the manufacturer and continue to check back with them frequently because oftentimes, manufacturers will change ingredients in their products.” From Migraine Headaches and Monosodium Glutamate** by Lauren Harned, Vanderbilt University student.

Trans Fats

Reducing the number of trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils in your diet can help prevent cancer. These oils invade cell walls and destroy the electrical charge of the cell. Without the charge, our cells have difficulty oxygenating. Without oxygen, our cells can only replicate anaerobically as in tumors.

Protein Timing 

Nutritionally aware people eat high protein foods especially slow digesting meat only during breakfast and lunch. When this is strictly observed the pancreatic enzymes, used in the digestion of protein, are used for only about 6 hours. This leaves 18 hours for production of pancreatic enzymes to digest cancer tissue.


Any of the anti-cancer diets benefit from drinking large amounts of non-chlorinated water, but they do even better when drinking the teas listed below.

Regenerative and Cleansing Foods and Teas

If you know a bit about Chinese medicine, you know that it can taste awful, but can work miracles where other medicines fail. The awful taste usually comes from the leaves of the herbs, but not necessarily from the compounds and enzymes that your body needs. You can contact me for the most recent Teas for Health. Please refer to this website for Holy Healing Tea for Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

Measuring pH

There are two recommended methods to get an indication of one’s tissue pH, saliva and urine. Urine responds more quickly to what you eat and varies through the day more than saliva. The pH of the saliva should be slightly more alkaline than urine ph.
pH Measurement Method and Time
Optimal Range
Urine pH first thing in the morning
6.0 to 6.4
Urine pH in the evening
6.4 to 6.8
Saliva pH in mid-afternoon
6.6 to 7.0
To collect urine, use a cup to collect about two ounces of “mid-stream” urine without stopping the urine flow during collection.
To determine your pH from saliva, (from Alkalize for Health):
1. Two or more hours after eating lunch, fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow it.
2. Repeat step 1 to ensure that the saliva is clean.
3. The third time, put some of your saliva onto pH paper.

You need narrow range pH paper such as pH 5.5 to 8. One source is on the Essense-of-life web site, pH Litmus Test Paper page.

Calcium and PH

Some people are not able to increase their pH more than a couple of tens. This is often due to the body trying to remain acidic in order to extract calcium from food. Many people are calcium deficient. It can be very difficult for the body to assimilate calcium because a large collection of minerals must be taken at the same time.

Talks with both the Protocel chemist and the Cantron people indicate that Cantron and Protocel increase the pH of the inside of our cells. This cellular pH increase suggests an explanation for the fact that Cantron and Protocel do not work on everyone who tries them. These people may have bodies that are too acidic for Cantron or Protocel to make this change.

By combining high quality chelated calcium and marine plankton you will have every trace mineral needed by your body to rebuild and bring the pH into a healthy range.

Calcium Protocol for Increasing pH 

The following protocol has been used by people who want to take the higher (three times a day) level of calcium they got their pH higher faster.
Lemon Juice
We found that people drinking lemon juice developed an extremely positive effect on the ability of their bodies to accept calcium. The following protocol has been used by several successful cancer patients to raise their pH and support the pancreas.

First Three Days

Each day, these people drank throughout the day, one-half gallon of distilled water plus:
The juice of one fresh lemon
The juice of two oranges or eight ounces of store brought orange juice. You can also use eight ounces of grapefruit juice or pineapple juice.

People taking Cantron, Protocel, or Paw Paw avoided this orange juice, grapefruit juice or pineapple juice due to its vitamin C level.

The best way is to take the lemon juice is 4 ounces at a time starting in the morning. You can separate the drinks by 30 minutes to an hour – this is not critical at all. Mornings are better because the lemon juice can interfere with sleep.

Reduced caloric diet: no red meat smaller portions of grain.

After Three Days

They started taking two chelated calcium pills at each meal. Too much calcium will make you feel tired. People who started feeling tire after increasing their calcium intake, reduce their calcium.

After Another Four Days

People are also starting pancreas support with Goldenseal at meal time: 500 mg. Best price found was for the high-quality Nature’s Sunshine 100 pills (three month supply):

Reduce Calcium
After calcium reserves have been built up, indicated by a leveling off of pH, people cut back to a maintenance dosage of chelated calcium, which is one pill per day.

Selenium Content

There is 0.03 ug of selenium in a daily dose of Eldon’s marine plankton formula. The maximum daily allowed level of selenium while taking Cantron, Paw Paw, or Protocel is 30 ug. Therefore, the amount of selenium is well below the allowed dose.

Caprylic acid
Any of the mushroom formulas such as Beta Glucan, MGN-3, ACHH (the one I take).



If you find an immune booster that gives you renewed energy, you know that you have reduced the infection in your body and taken a major step to be much healthier.

People who are too alkaline don’t have enough stomach acid to digest calcium and will have calcium out of solution in their body. This makes pH an essential part of testing for mineral levels if a person is doing such testing as hair analysis.

Analyze Your Hair to Know Your Metabolic Type before You Supplement
Hair testing can tell you many things about the direction you may want to proceed such as:

*Mineral deficiencies.

*The effect of increasing your calcium – usually but not always a good step to take toxic load.

*Metabolic type and how different minerals deficiencies or excesses effect you.

Testing Restrictions

The test needs a tablespoon of hair. Testing cannot be performed on hair that has been permed, dyed or bleached in the past two months. Also, shampoos with dyes, colorings or special chemicals must be discontinued for three days prior to obtaining the hair sample.

Hair Test Comparison

A hair mineral analysis can show many easy to solve health problems such as:

Calcium magnesium ratio effects:

Blood sugar problems such as hypoglycemia


Muscle tone problems

Magnesium and/or potassium deficiency may be cause heart palpitations.

See below for a list of potassium deficiencies.

Many people are getting a hair analysis to determine mineral levels; however, it is common to find calcium which is out of solution in a hair analysis. Excess calcium can show up in hair if the person is not digesting dairy or is taking a poor-quality calcium product. However, that is only a couple of the things that you can learn from hair analysis.

Forrest Hair Mineral Analysis**$200 Includes a unique 15 to 20-page report based on your results. Mineral results are put in a graph. Phone a 15-minute consultation.

Malter Institute Mineral Analysis** $98 Includes a phone consultation. Tests: mineral balance, potential heavy metal toxic load, and metabolic indicators.

Body Balance – Mineral Check** $72 Measures 11 minerals and 9 toxic elements. See the Rite Care** page for a description. No phone consultation.

Another Alkalizing Supplement

The supplement that people use to obtain a higher pH is Cesium Chloride**a. This link goes to the top or our Cesium Chloride page which contains many details about Cesium Chloride.

WARNING (from Essense-of-life) – People who use an alkalizing diet often take cesium chloride to further increase alkalizing of their body. Cesium chloride can deplete your body of potassium. Many of these people take potassium supplements while taking cesium chloride. Some people eat bananas to increase their potassium intake. One medium banana has about 450 mg. The amount of potassium you need may vary, but athletes who sweat a lot need up to 4000 mg a day of potassium. This is a lot of potassium so you may want to consider purchasing the liquid form distributed by Essense-of-life which seems to be the highest concentration available.

Potassium deficiency causes:


*Mental confusion


*Heart disturbances

Potassium is used in the body for:

Water balance and distribution
Acid-base balance
Muscle and nerve cell function
Heart function
Kidney and adrenal function

Another web site with alkalizing information and products that are available in the United Kingdom (Great Britain) is Energize for Life.

Other Sources for Health Issues on Diet and Monitoring and Lifestyle

Click on the name to go to the link.

Life Monitoring   Life Station     

Kids Wellness 

The Mindful Place Company 

The Healing Natural Oils

Good Morning Snore Solution

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